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We are engaged in the development of new products that dry tea and fruit from shizuoka prefecture's local resources, including miyakojima mozuk in Okinawa Prefecture, which is safe and secure.



It's finally the end of the year, but to be honest, it's not that far from it. With the new coronavirus raging, we are also affected without exception. We mainly supply sea grapes to restaurants in Fujieda city, but because there are few customers, it is an order of about half of the usual. Now is the time to endure. Today, I would like to talk about the dried fruit SUGOKAN sold by our company. I think that you can also reaffirm those who have seen in the past may have been articleed in the past. I think that everyone's image is the thing which contains sugar when hearing that it is a dried fruit. I don't mean to say that sugar-filled dried fruits are bad because sugar is necessary to live, but please know that there are dried fruits that don't contain any things that don't contain anything but sugar. Our products are dried without using any sugar, salt, preservatives, etc. I personally think that it is a really dried fruit. It becomes a dryer which vacuums the microwave oven of the home if it says briefly because it becomes difficult when a detailed thing is told too much. When vacuumed, the boiling point of the water decreases to near 40°, so it can be dried efficiently because it exceeds the boiling point even at a drying temperature of about 45°. Oranges, tomatoes, bananas and kiwis are recommended, but bananas are recommended personally as shown in the image! I do not fry it like a general banana chips, and because I do not use sugar, it becomes the original flavor and the taste of the banana. I hope you will try once if you have a chance. Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may be different from the original contents.

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