Family health and happiness begin at the table.
We are engaged in the development of new products that dry tea and fruit from shizuoka prefecture's local resources, including miyakojima mozuk in Okinawa Prefecture, which is safe and secure.

Grants Festa

This Sunday May 22nd
We will open a store at Grants Festa in Shizuoka City.

Oikawa Port on the first day of GW, Lotus Temple Pond last week, Grants Festa this week and events continued.
After Grants Fiesta, there are no plans for a while at the moment.
If you are interested, please come by all means.

Not only our company, but also store owners with commitment are selling.

It will be the first time to open a store, but there seem to be various other events.

Although the information only states the start time of the event.
After 12:30, it seems that you can withdraw if it is sold out.
It's safe to assume that the event will be held almost exclusively in the morning.

We look forward to seeing you there.