Family health and happiness begin at the table.
We are engaged in the development of new products that dry tea and fruit from shizuoka prefecture's local resources, including miyakojima mozuk in Okinawa Prefecture, which is safe and secure.



2021年11月29日 : : 沖縄大交易会2021
先週、沖縄県那覇市で開催されました「沖縄大交易会2021」に参加させていただきました。 その名の通り、本...

2021September 7, 2016 : : Crowdfunding
It will be the post after a long absence. How are you all in the Corona Disaster? On the 12th, the declaration of a state of emergency was lifted..

2021April 20 : : Media Information
I'm sorry for the sudden story, but today's Shizuoka Asahi TV will introduce the dryer in Shizuoka. A little earlier...

2021年2月20日 : : It's been a while.
Thank you for your purchase and inquiry since the broadcast of Dai-first TV the other day. In the broadcast, "Sea...

2021February 17, 2008 : : Thank you for watching.
Our company was introduced in yesterday's "Marugoto", but thank you for watching. When I was introduced two years ago, it was 、...



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