Family health and happiness begin at the table.
We are engaged in the development of new products that dry tea and fruit from shizuoka prefecture's local resources, including miyakojima mozuk in Okinawa Prefecture, which is safe and secure.



2024年4月26日 : : Oigawa Morning Market
It's been a long time since I've posted. We will open a store at the "Oigawa Port Morning Market" to be held at Oigawa Port this Monday (April 29)..
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2024March 7 - : : FOODEX2024
FOODEX has finally opened. (3 days ago...) This year, many people showed interest because it was close to the entrance..
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2023年10月3日 : : October Event Information
We will open a store at the "Ichimaru Marche" to be held on this weekend on the 7th (Saturday) and 8th (Sunday). This year's theme is "Oku...
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2023年7月10日 : : Yomoda soba
"Yomoda Soba" in Tokyo and Nagoya is a stand-up buckwheat-like restaurant where you sit and eat only at the counter. May 22...
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2023年6月1日 : : SHIDA Marche
Last week, we opened a store at Eat Fuji Marche, but next Saturday, June 10th, we will open a store at "SHIDA Marche"..
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