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We are engaged in the development of new products that dry tea and fruit from shizuoka prefecture's local resources, including miyakojima mozuk in Okinawa Prefecture, which is safe and secure.


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What's different?

1. Because it is dry at low temperature and in a short time, the color, the fragrance, and the ingredients remain as it is.
The microwave vacuum dryer used by our company is a dryer that heats the drying furnace with microwaves after reducing the pressure to a state close to a vacuum.
When it is close to a vacuum, the boiling point of the water drops to close to 40 degrees Celsius compared to 100°C at atmospheric pressure.
Therefore, the moisture of the raw material evaporates beyond the boiling point during drying, but the actual temperature is low at about 40 degrees Celsius, so it does not mean that it is boiled.
As a result, the ingredients that are not destroyed at a set temperature without losing color or aroma remain intact.


2. It is possible to dry without additive-free without using sugar or oil.
In the drying method using a general wind, the outside of the raw material dries first, and it becomes a state like the coating, so the inside does not dry at any time.
In order to flow at room temperature, it is fried in oil and drained, or sugar is added to increase the sugar content so that it can be stored at room temperature.
Microwaves react efficiently where there is moisture and dry, so it is possible to dry completely in a short time, and we do not use any extra objects such as sugar or oil.


※ It is also possible to manufacture in your original package depending on the meeting of both.
It is also possible to supply for business use.

About consignment drying
We also handle drying and grinding.

Flow of consignment drying

Drying test
We arrange raw materials and get drying costs.
Basically, drying tests are performed using a small amount of raw material (about a few kilograms) first.
Confirmation of drying or pulverized products
You will be asked to check the state of drying or grinding.
Estimate presentation
At that time, we will provide an estimate or a standard price when drying.
(The first drying is done free of charge, but in principle, cash on delivery is used for return.) )
Contract processing
If there is no problem with the price and the product that was tested, we will enter the processing of the consignment.
delivery of goods

Conditions for drying

Drying example

In the past, various things have been dried by testing and consignment.
Marugoto Mikan

Sliced tomatoes


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About the purchase of the dryer

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