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We are engaged in the development of new products that dry tea and fruit from shizuoka prefecture's local resources, including miyakojima mozuk in Okinawa Prefecture, which is safe and secure.

Until the Mozk

The Reality of Unknown Mozuku
It is the one that it is the one that it is 3 years before it comes to the market! !
What is the processing and distribution of Mozuku so far ...
● Salt storage with about 20% salt after harvesting. Salts enter the cells by salt storage.
- The processing of removing salt with tap water and seasoning is performed.
● It takes 1 to 2 years to ship, and some will be three years later.

In the conventional manufacturing method of salt storage, fucoidan and minerals, which are mozuku's original flavor and useful ingredients, are considerably lost.
Moreover, seasoned mozuku on the market in general swells 1.5 times with moisture, and because it is packed with a machine, the length is short, the texture disappears and the texture is inferior.
In order to deliver nutritious and delicious Miyakojima Mozuku to consumers, regardless of the current situation of salted brewery mozuku, we宮古島漁業協同組合Together with the rated rank, we produce products using only seasonal Mozuku.

About MiyakoJima
In addition, the Miyako island area is generally a flat island, there is no marine pollution because there are no mountains or rivers, and the area around the island formed by coral reefs is famous as one of the most beautiful islands in Okinawa.
Agriculture that makes use of well-drained land and fisheries that benefit from the rich seas are among the industries that support the island, and the main primary industries are Mozuku aquaculture and(Floating fish reefs)Fishery, satokibi, mango cultivation, etc.

Miyako Island is a region that is far from the main island of Okinawa, and has a unique food culture for a long time.
Unique dishes using the island's ingredients are very healthy, such as "Miyako Zenmai Tempura", which is popular on the island, and "Mozuku no Champloo" using Mozuku from MiyakoJima. Miyakojima Mozuku is one of the ingredients that has been used for a long time in the food culture of miyakojima.

Flow from harvest to shipment
~ In order to deliver seasonal taste ~
Mozuku is cultivated using nutrients and sunlight in seawater.
It is still promising as a clean and environmentally friendly marine area utilization industry.

1.Seedling (production)

10Monday to November: Mozuku's "seed".

2.Seed preservation (production)

10From January to January: Preserves the seeds from the time they are seeded.
"Seeds" attach to the walls of the aquarium.
With the "seed", the walls of the aquarium turn brown.
Save the "seeds" while sending air little by little.

3.Seeding (production)

11Monday to January: Seed the seed board.


If you hang a PVC plate, the "seed" will stick to the PVC plate.
Attach this to the net as a "seed board".

4.Nursery (production)

12Monday to March: Net the sea. (Nursery)

5.Honbari (production)

1From March to March: From the nursery to the aquaculture site.


After sprouting from about 1 cm to 2 cm in the nursery, it is honed one by one.

6.Harvest (production)

3May to May: Harvest the grown mozuku.


Mozuku grown during the winter is sucked up and harvested with a pump, and on board, mozuku sucked up by the pump is sorted

7.Calibration (primary processing)

3May to May: Mozuku caught in fishing port is inspected.


8.Cleaning (primary processing)

3May to May: Mozuku delivered into the processing plant after the inspection is removed from dirt and foreign matter using an advanced washing machine.


9.Sorting (primary processing)

4Monday to June

10.(Salt storage processing) ※In the case of salt warehouse mozuku

3Monday to May

11.(Storage tank preservation) ※ In the case of salt storage mozuku

3Monday to June

12.Visual inspection and packaging (primary processing)

4Monday to June


The drained Miyakojima Mozuku is packed while inspecting.
In addition to the 18kg container in the photo, we will perform packing work in cardboard / 5 to 10 kg containers.

13.From frozen storage to secondary processing

4From The Moon

Production process in MiyakoJima

In order to overcome this situation, we developed new products with higher price stability and higher added value, and what was born is "Miyakojima Raw Mozuku".
Miyako Island is a remote island, and the farmland is not polluted, so consumers can eat with peace of mind.

"Miyakojima Raw Mozuku" will stimulate new demand, revitalize miyakojima's economy, and thereby help producers live.

Until the Mozk
Established LLP in Miyakojima
We will establish Miyakojima LLP for stable manufacturing of new products, operation of factories, and quality control.
Miyakojima LLP operates a factory for mass production of Mozuku products, and we try to make carefully products such as removing heavy foreign matter reliably by advanced washing machines using ultraviolet sterilized seawater and removing miscellaneous seagrass etc. that cannot be sorted by machine by hand.
We are committed to providing safe and secure products to consumers by creating a company in Miyakojima that can manufacture, process, and perform quality control of products.

Thoughts on the product
For consumers and producers
With the recent Okinawa boom, Okinawan cuisine and specialties quickly spread throughout the country.
However, at present, the balance between supply and demand has collapsed, and fishing cooperatives in Okinawa Prefecture, which produce Mozuku, are suffering from mozuku prices every year.
In recent years, price destruction and bargain sales have become established, but it is producers who suffer the most damage.
We aim to build a reliable network connecting production areas in Okinawa Prefecture with consumption areas nationwide, and to provide a stable amount of Mozuku at a stable price, not in addition to price competition for Mozuku producers! !
The products of Miyakojima raw mozuku that were completed in this way are full of the thought of the nature and Umeč of Miyakojima, and the original nutrients and deliciousness of Mozuku.